Dr. Jeffrey Habert

Dr. Jeffrey Habert


Dr. Jeffrey Habert is a Family Physician in Thornhill for the last 33 years. He is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto. He is also an Investigating Coroner for the City of Toronto and a Peer Leader at OntarioMD.

He is also Co-Editor of Canadian Primary Care Today (launching Q1 2023)

Dr. Habert is a former Peer Assessor for the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (19 years)

He has an interest in the use of clinical practice guidelines, and has participated on committees to establish guidelines in the areas of Depression, Stroke, ASA in Primary Care and Thrombosis. He is the Previous co-chair of Thrombosis Canada Clinical Guides.

His clinical interests are varied, and include Diabetes, Obesity, Respiratory Disease, Depression, ADHD, Insomnia, Thrombosis/Stroke and Osteoporosis.

He is also published in many of the above mentioned areas in addtion to others.

He is a National speaker in the multiple areas and actively participates on Scientific Committees involved in the creation of educational programs.